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If you’re a PeopleSoft HCM customer, you’re typically driving much of your company’s provisioning and de-provisioning processes. This includes onboarding new and offboarding departing employees. In addition, there are all the steps to take when somebody gets a new job or responsibility. Actions like what changes in their access need to take place? And what workflows should be required with that? And so on.   

The Challenges of Manual User Provisioning in PeopleSoft HCM

Navigating through multiple steps and touchpoints is not only time-consuming and resource-intensive but can lead to frustrated users waiting to get their accounts created or roles assigned. Furthermore, user provisioning and de-provisioning processes span across different departments and applications. Payroll, IT, and HR teams often spend hours creating accounts, managing requests, documenting approvals, and handling countless queries. 

In this Pathlock solution demo, you’ll learn how using automation to streamline user provisioning in PeopleSoft can unlock efficiencies and reduce errors.

Pathlock’s Solution to Streamline User Provisioning in PeopleSoft HCM

Fortunately, Pathlock’s automated provisioning and de-provisioning workflows allow you to create, maintain, and remove access across your business applications from a single platform. In addition, the system enables you to proactively run scenarios and system checks to catch potential access conflicts within and between applications before provisioning takes place. Further, when an employee leaves your organization or changes roles, access can be removed immediately and automatically through a central system. Most importantly, all provisioned access is accompanied by audit-ready documentation. 

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Key Benefits of Automated User Provisioning for PeopleSoft HCM

  • Improve Productivity while Reducing Costs: Pathlock automates user provisioning and de-provisioning while cutting administrative costs, improving user productivity, and ensuring an audit-approved process is followed whenever access is requested, approved, and provisioned.
  • Reduce Human Errors: Saves time from the manual process of creating users and managing their access.
  • Pass Audits Effortlessly: With Pathlock, organizations can efficiently comply with regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Help Users Become Productive Faster: Users get the right access sooner. Pathlock helps users find the roles they need, streamlines requests, communicates status and any exceptional approvals required, and automatically provisions the requested access upon approval.

Contact Pathlock today, and let us show you how to automate and streamline your PeopleSoft HCM user provisioning processes from a single platform. 

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