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Automated Provisioning of User Accounts and Access

Increase productivity and reduce risks by automating user setup and application access.

AUTOMATED PROVISIONING Securely Automate the Creation, Maintenance, and Removal of User Access

Adding new users and matching them to the proper access requirements is typically inefficient, manual, and error-prone involving countless layers of approvals across multiple systems. This tedious and disruptive process creates delays – often measured in days – while users await access, resulting in lost time, money, and productivity.

Pathlock’s automated approach to provisioning allows you to create, maintain, and remove access across your business applications. It offers the most detailed provisioning capabilities, enabling you to better align access with business requirements, such as transaction controls or sensitive data masking. Most importantly, all provisioned access is accompanied by audit-ready documentation.


Automated Provisioning Capabilities

Fine-Grained Provisioning
Fine-grained provisioning allows for the industry’s most detailed permission sets to align with business requirements
Broad Application Support
Supports the most commonly used business applications, allowing cross-app provisioning from a single UI
Continuous Role Monitoring
Continuous monitoring of organizational structure changes in your business applications and ERP systems
Deep Integrations
Official SOLEX partner for SAP and MIcrosoft MISA Partner for Azure AD provisioning


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