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Protect Your Users and Data in Workday

Monitor user activity, track key risk indicators and implement proactive response measures for your Workday deployment


Pathlock + Workday

Pathlock delivers the insights you need to reduce the risks associated with sensitive data access and privacy regulations in your HCM solution. Pathlock provides a single platform to strengthen how Workday application owners prove access security, data security and compliance.

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Innovative companies leverage employee data to provide insights into employee behavior, improve policies, and improve overall business performance.

While an abundance of employee data may deliver more fruitful insights, it may also end up creating areas of risk for security, governance, and compliance.

Pathlock enables Workday application owners to implement strict, yet user-friendly, data access and transaction controls, while improving visibility into data access and usage to reduce instances of data breaches and fraud.

Access Certification
An automated workflow approach to User Access Reviews, certification campaigns, and access requests
Access Analysis
Automate your segregation of duties (SOD) and sensitive access risk analysis
Change Log
Easily track changes made to Workday master data
Enhanced Activity Tracking
Automate the manually intensive process of reviewing privileged sessions
Emergency Access Management
Time-based, risk-adjusted elevated access via an automated workflow

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