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PeopleSoft User Onboarding

Automate PeopleSoft Onboarding and Offboarding

Unlock Efficiency and User Productivity While Strengthening Security

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Get the Most from Your PeopleSoft Systems

PeopleSoft offers powerful solutions for managing human resources, student administration and financials, but IT teams find themselves being asked to do more with fewer resources. Whether its a reduction in budget or overall headcount, PeopleSoft teams are being asked to accelerate projects that drive efficiency and scale.

With over 350 PeopleSoft customers worldwide, Pathlock is the leader in PeopleSoft identity governance and access management. Delivering solutions designed to get users into critical systems faster, while enabling the consistent implementation of strong security and governance policies.

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Pathlock offers a comprehensive solution for PeopleSoft that facilitates automation, self-service account creation, provisioning of role-based access controls, and much needed visibility into entitlement usage. All, using configurable workflows that are integrated directly into PeopleSoft – limiting any change management.

Organizations using Pathlock can achieve:

  • Accelerated user onboarding and new account provisioning in a matter of minutes (versus days.)
  • Enhanced visibility across all roles, identities, and resources (page, component, and data fields.)
  • Seamless integration of additional cloud and on-premise business applications
  • Saved time, streamlined processes, and reduced administrative overhead
  • True process efficiency at scale
Account Creation
Create accounts in PeopleSoft and Active Directory with simple onboarding and student matriculation workflows
Compliant Provisioning
Onboard, manage and remove user access efficiently to maintain regulatory compliance
Access Risk Analysis
Identify role and user conflicts and manage separation of duties (SoD) for all of your critical business applications
Reduce the effort, and cost, needed to manage user, role, risk and control reviews
Elevated Access Management
Audit-ready temporary, sensitive access, via automated workflows

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Learn How Pathlock Can Automate PeopleSoft Onboarding, Compliant Provisioning and User Access Reviews