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Student Information Systems like PeopleSoft Campus Solutions streamline the administrative cornerstones (including data management) of student life. Because technology is an integral part of the daily lives of today’s modern student, educational institutions are constantly looking for ways to improve their processes and provide a better experience for their students. The most critical improvement is regarding engagement with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. After all, the more engaged a student is, the higher the likelihood they will receive positive outcomes in their coursework.

Gaining Efficiencies in the Provisioning Process Achieves ROI

Today, students demand a more personalized, frictionless experience from their technology. Eliminating Inefficiencies around when and how they gain access to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is essential. For your institution to get the most out of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, automating the provisioning process stands to deliver the highest ROI.

6 Reasons Why Automated Provisioning is Essential for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

1. Efficiency

Automated tools can execute provisioning tasks much faster than manual methods, significantly reducing the time required to deploy or update applications. This increased efficiency allows organizations to respond more quickly to changing business needs and accelerate time-to-market for new services. Plus, a decrease in IT tickets and required IT resources frees up teams to tackle strategic projects.

2. Consistency

Automated provisioning ensures that configurations and access to specific menus, components, and pages, as well as appropriate authorized actions, are applied consistently across all environments. This reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies that can arise with manual provisioning. Consistent configurations improve system stability, reduce troubleshooting efforts, and enhance overall reliability.

3. Scalability

Automated provisioning tools are designed to scale seamlessly to accommodate growing workloads and infrastructure requirements. Whether deploying to a single application or a large access package, automated tools can provision resources quickly and efficiently, enabling organizations to scale their applications as needed without manual intervention.

4. Standardization

Automated provisioning promotes standardization by enforcing predefined templates, configurations, and best practices. This standardization simplifies management, improves compliance with organizational policies and regulatory requirements, and enhances security by ensuring that all deployments adhere to established guidelines.

5. Improved FERPA Compliance

Because online systems that require a login ID and password connect that information to a user, the name and contact information provided fall under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Institutions need to protect administrative access to this information to meet compliance requirements. Automated provisioning reduces the risk of human error that can lead to over-provisioned users who may have access to information they shouldn’t. By automating repetitive and error-prone processes like provisioning, organizations can minimize the likelihood of misconfigurations, security vulnerabilities, and other issues that can impact FERPA compliance.

6. Enable Functional Stakeholders

Reducing dependency on IT resources empowers functional teams to deploy and manage their applications independently. Because the bulk of student onboarding occurs at the beginning of each semester, stakeholders within student admissions can leverage an automated provisioning tool to begin the account creation process as they enroll students.

Pathlock Accelerates How Users Get Secure and Compliant Access to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Pathlock provides much-needed automation and overall visibility into how access is granted, modified, and revoked for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Pathlock can fully automate the end-to-end creation of new accounts and provisioning of new users with automated workflows that are kicked off by changes in PeopleSoft data (i.e., user status moving from “Applicant” to “Matriculate”).

In addition, PeopleSoft access can come with risks or toxic combinations of fine-grained entitlements incorporating items such as roles, permission lists, menus, components, and pages that should not belong to the same user. Pathlock can seamlessly run checks for separation of duties and routine access recertifications for students, faculty, and staff – enabling compliance.

To see how Pathlock can help your organization streamline and automate access management and governance for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, reach out to set up a demo today.

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