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Automate Rapid and Secure Access to PeopleSoft HCM & FSCM

Identity and Access Management
Automate user provisioning and integrate enterprise IAM solutions like SSO (SAML) and MFA natively in PeopleSoft
Identity Governance
Automate user onboarding with account creation, provisioning, and user access reviews with fine-grained insights into entitlement usage
Data Security and Privacy
Prevent breaches and align to data regulations like ITAR, GDPR, CCPA, FERPA with dynamic data masking and user activity logging.

Join the Hundreds of Customers that Rely on Pathlock to Secure their PeopleSoft Systems & Data


Streamline PeopleSoft Identity Governance and Data Security

Expand PeopleSoft Access with Confidence and Enforce Zero Trust

As identity becomes the new perimeter, Pathlock enables PeopleSoft customers to establish and enforce strict identity security policies. Grant or restrict access to sensitive data with zero trust and least privilege – ensuring users only have the access they require, when you want them to have it.

Enable Zero Trust In PeopleSoft. Integrate With Leading MFA Providers Like Duo & Okta.

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Understand User Behavior with More Clarity than Ever Before

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Eliminate Manual, Spreadsheet-based Governance Processes While Reducing Risk

Access governance strategies live and breathe. As users continuously join, move, and leave the organization, managing access on spreadsheets becomes challenging. Pathlock enables PeopleSoft customers to adopt process efficiencies with automation, while enabling strong segregation of duties.

Identify entitlement conflicts and manage Separation of Duties (SoD) in PeopleSoft FSCM

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Fine-Grained Analysis of User Risk Prior to Provisioning

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Reduce the Effort -and Cost – Needed to Manage Access Reviews

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Audit-Ready Emergency Access via Automated Workflow

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Automate the Manual Efforts Required to Design, Update, and Maintain Roles

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Protect Valuable HCM and Financial Data from Breaches and Exfiltration

Evolving regulations like GDPR, ITAR, CCPA, FERPA have left little margin for error when it comes to data protection. Pathlock enables PeopleSoft customers to strengthen internal controls for data security and dynamically redact UI-level data if user access is indicative of risk (ex. location, device, time-of-day.)

Dynamically Mask and Anonymize Data at the Field Level and at the Point of Access

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Using PeopleSoft with SAP, Oracle or Workday?

Let Pathlock bridge these applications and provide a single, automated governance process. Save your organizations countless hours of effort and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars on external audit fees

Pathlock Named a Leader in Access Governance

Learn why Pathlock is named an overall leader for product leadership, innovation, and market share.

Key IAM Technology Integrations

Natively integrate industry leading Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions with PeopleSoft
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Flexible Deployment Models to Align With Your Business Strategy

Pathlock offers access governance solutions for PeopleSoft in both cloud and PeopleSoft-native delivery models. Whether you require a business-friendly UI, or you wish to incorporate your application controls data within your PeopleSoft interface, Pathlock has you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pathlock’s surfaces actual usage of all roles, helping managers determine the necessity of each role and user access. This helps analyze unused roles and user access and detect deviations indicating potential fraud in real time.
  • Pathlock correlates and translates this unstructured log activity into actionable information. Equipping you with real-time visualized dashboards to quickly spot PeopleSoft security threats and other suspicious activity and drill down to root out issues.
  • Pathlock provides the only turnkey SAML integration solution for PeopleSoft without any custom development or additional hardware. You can allow thousands of users (students and faculty) to access multiple applications, not just PeopleSoft, using a single login on any device.