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SAP Data Security

Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) and Dynamic Data Security

Establish a data-centric cybersecurity strategy for your business-critical SAP applications.


Dynamic Access Control and Data Security is Paramount

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting organizations of all sizes and industries, looking to steal sensitive information and valuable data. A growing attack surface driven by cloud migrations also exposes new attack vectors and avenues for compromising sensitive data.

Additionally, organizations must secure their sensitive business data against intentional and unintentional exfiltration by way of internal threats, such as disgruntled employees, human error, or third-party consultants with inappropriate access.

This reality leaves Security teams overwhelmed with the task of securing production and non-production data, preventing unauthorized access, and mitigating risk across decentralized, complex application environments.

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Pathlock delivers a unique Dynamic Access Controls (DAC) solution that allows organizations to dynamically protect sensitive data and secure user access with an ABAC security model. By masking sensitive production data, obfuscating data in transit and non-production environments, and enforcing data loss prevention mechanisms, we ensure your organization is equipped with the necessary tools to eliminate the chance of costly data compromise.

Pathlock simplifies data security and compliance for your business-critical applications by offering an easy-to-implement solution that can be customized based on your unique security and policy requirements. Designed specifically for SAP with an ABAP architecture, the solution can be installed using your existing SAP resources without the need for additional hardware and with minimal storage requirements.

Attribute-Based Access Controls
Granularly control user access to SAP applications and data across many roles through contextual, attribute-driven policies.
Dynamic Data Masking
Protect your sensitive information by limiting access to certain data fields based on dynamic policies and user attributes.
Data Scrambling
Encrypt and obfuscate sensitive data in non-production systems, when data is in transit, or when direct access to the database is possible.
Data Loss Prevention
Prevent the unauthorized transmission of sensitive data outside your SAP environment.

We have recently successfully completed [installing] Pathlock Dynamic Access Controls at CP. I would like to thank you & your team for the outstanding work they have performed throughout the project. Since the start of the project, the Pathlock team was focused on delivery, quality, and customer support, which played a huge role in on-time and high-quality outcomes.

Special thanks to all the developers, QA, and other support staff who worked in the background, who, no matter how many curve balls we threw their way, always came through. It was a pleasure to work with your team.

Muhammad Moinuddin Khan, Sr. Mgr. IS – Legal & Risk Applications

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