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Comprehensive Security & Compliance for PeopleSoft

Purpose built solutions designed to provide security and compliance assurance at the application, transaction and data layers.


About the integration

Strengthen ERP Security Policies & Controls

Pathlock enables your “Always on” access and availability requirements by streamlining and automationg manual access and identity management processes.

Benefits Safeguard Your Sensitive Enterprise Data with Effective Controls

Dynamic Access Controls & Data Masking
Dynamic, context-aware access controls help align to security best practices like least privilege and zero trust. Data is also protected from over-exposure using location-based security and dynamic data masking.
Granular Visibility Into User Activity & Data Usage
Real-time analytics expedite incident response and provides visually-rich dashboards that provide quick, actionable insights.
Fully Integrated SSO & MFA
Pathlock facilitates the native integration of SAML/ADFS, allowing your PeopleSoft apps to fully leverage SSO solutions like Okta, Azure AD, Ping Identity, and more.

Featured Apps for PeopleSoft Protect PeopleSoft With Layered Data Security

To better deal with the countless threats which exist at the application, transaction and data levels, Pathlock provides PeopleSoft customers with layered security. In one platform, multiple solutions work together to secure identity, control & monitor access to sensitive transactions, protect UI data, and provide deep visibility into data access and usage.

Pathlock is truly the fastest path to data security and compliance for PeopleSoft deployments. Using a lightweight software plug-in, Pathlock doesn’t require additional hardware and has no impact on future PeopleSoft updates.

Pathlock solutions provides data security and compliance enhancements that are scalable and ultimately lower the total cost of ownership for PeopleSoft.

Data Masking
Dynamic, context-aware access controls to protect sensitive data
Emergency Access Management
Time-based, risk-adjusted elevated access via an automated workflow
Access Certification
Automate user access reviews via a user-friendly workflow
Automated Provisioning
Automate user setup and application access
Enabling dynamic access across all layers of PeopleSoft

What Our Customers Say

Given the definite gaps in the ERP application, I don’t know how we could live without the capabilities of the Pathlock; I don’t know how you would protect your data. It is just not optional in today’s environment.

Matthew Scott, IT Manager

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