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Cross-App SoD

Effectively Manage the SoD Process for All of Your Critical Business Processes

Pathlock offers a cross-application approach to managing segregation of duties (SoD) across your business systems.

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Multiple Apps.
Increased Complexity.
Increased Risk.

To stay competitive in today’s global marketplace, companies are shifting from a single ERP platform to multiple vendors and a mix of cloud and on-premise business applications. As a result, critical processes such as procurement, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and customer relationship management are now distributed across multiple applications. And as the number of connected apps increases, so do the risks.

Unfortunately, organizations often overlook the need for access management and segregation of duties (SoD) policies to work together. This lack of coordination can leave organizations facing challenges from cross-application risks and vulnerable to data access, compliance, and security risks.

segregation of duties

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Across All Business Applications

To address these new and emerging SoD risks, organizations must apply a cross-application view of on-premises and cloud application access management, security, and controls. Pathlock provides pre-set, easily customizable, and dynamic SoD rulesets for the leading business applications. As a result, organizations can leverage a single easy-to-use platform to accurately identify, quickly resolve, and continuously monitor for SoD violations across the entire application ecosystem.

Pathlock automatically surfaces all SoD issues at the time of provisioning, when access is requested, and during access review cycles. In addition, user accounts, permissions, and data across applications are automatically associated and correlated, making SoD management and analysis effortless.

Risk Quantification
Quantify the financial risk in business applications and processes
Access Analysis
SoD and Sensitive Access Risk analysis for financial controls
Change Log
Track critical changes in the ERP system with before and after values 
Process Control
Automated risk and control monitoring, across your business apps
Automated Role Design
Design and deploy audit-ready roles for your critical business applications

Pathlock’s user activity monitoring capabilities allow us to go beyond knowing what users can do – it tells us what they did do. We can look at SoDs, understand violations, assess the impact to our business, then respond accordingly.

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