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SAP Data Governance

Attribute-Based Access Control for Policy-Driven, Granular Data Governance

Fine-grained control over data access management to prevent costly data breaches and achieve regulatory compliance.

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Traditional, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Authorization Models Insufficiently Govern Secure Access to Sensitive Data

Traditional RBAC authorization models are focused on governing user access to data fields based on coarse-grained and static, role-based policies. This model does not take into account user and environmental attributes that may otherwise indicate contextual risk to sensitive data.

While SAP’s RBAC authorization model is a cornerstone of its security architecture, these controls are inflexible and cumbersome to securely manage access given the range of roles often required for most organizations. As your organization and business systems scale, countless new and duplicate roles accumulate, making it impossible to keep track of who has access to what.

When this is the case, if a user’s credentials are compromised or an attacker successfully circumvents perimeter security measures, a plethora of the associated role-based permissions becomes exploitable.


Compliant Data Access and Governance Policy Enforcement

Pathlock’s Dynamic Access Controls (DAC) solution is the easiest and fastest way to create, manage, and enforce compliant data access and governance policies for SOX, ITAR, EAR, SEC Cyber Rule, GDPR, FISMA, CCPA, NIST, NERC, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27001.

Pathlock DAC’s dynamic policy engine ensures data is efficiently and securely governed for continuous protection as regulatory requirements, internal policies, and application landscapes shift.


Related Pathlock Solutions Dynamically Govern Access to Sensitive Data and Comply with Data Privacy Requirements

Pathlock delivers a unique Dynamic Access Controls (DAC) solution that allows organizations to dynamically protect sensitive data and securely govern user access with an Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) authorization model. The ABAC model ensures that authorized users receive the access they need but are restricted when the context of their access is indicative of risk. This dynamic approach enables organizations to only allow access to sensitive data under optimal conditions that are aligned to your specific security and governance policies – without hindering user productivity and operational efficiency.

Pathlock simplifies data governance and compliance for your business-critical applications by offering an easy-to-implement solution that can be customized based on your unique security and policy requirements. Designed specifically for SAP with an ABAP architecture, the solution can be installed using your existing SAP resources without the need for additional hardware and with minimal storage requirements.

Attribute-Based Access Controls
Granularly and dynamically control user access to SAP applications and data across many roles through contextual, attribute-driven policies.
Attribute Enrichment
Enhance SAP access control security and align policies with the rest of your IT applications to reduce manual role management and enable role standardization.
Dynamic Data Classification
Dynamically tag and classify data by sensitivity and specific regulation based on attributes to be governed in the ABAC policies.
Dynamic Policy Management
Enables authoring and management of ABAC policies for dynamic authorization across multiple applications using a single, unified interface.

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