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Comprehensive Enhanced Activity Tracking

Avoid potentially hours-long session recording videos with detailed activity tracking in a highly actionable user interface.

ENHANCED ACTIVITY TRACKING Efficiently Manage Privileged Sessions from a Single UI

Privileged accounts and sessions need to be closely monitored to meet strict security and compliance mandates. Too often, this means wading through hours of video recordings of sessions to identify if any risky actions were taken.

Pathlock’s Enhanced Activity Tracking solution automates the manual process of reviewing privileged sessions, allowing team members to focus on activities that present actual risk and non-compliance, reducing the time spent chasing false positives.

Enhanced Activity Tracking

Enhanced Activity Tracking Capabilities We Provide

AI Driven Scoring
Advanced AI
AI-driven privileged user behavior analytics identify and correlate potentially harmful activities that could affect security and compliance
Audit-Ready Reporting
Audit-Ready Reporting
Tamper-proof audit-ready reporting and analysis, with full context logs and activity capture
Actionable UI
Actionable UI
Quickly and easily identify and adjust over-privileged accounts from a single interface, reducing the burden on IT and application teams
Cross-App Support
Broad Application Support
Support for over 85 business applications, from a single UI

Apps We Support

Sap Ecc

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