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Vulnerability Management for Your Critical Business Applications

The visibility and intelligence you need to identify and act on the security risks in your business-critical financial, HR, and ERP applications.

Stay Ahead of Security Issues

Vulnerability Management

Learn how Pathlock’s automated vulnerability management helps security teams save time and money by identifying and addressing vulnerability issues automatically while reducing the amount of planned and unplanned SAP downtime.


VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT Accelerate Your Application Vulnerability Management

Organizations already burdened by the increasing complexity and customization of application environments are further challenged by the never-ending backlog of security patches. Unfortunately, this backlog often leaves even the most proactive organizations with an unacceptable exposure to risk, exploitation, and data theft.

Pathlock’s Vulnerability Management solution combines visibility with context so that those responsible for application security and compliance can quickly take action on the risks that have the greatest threat to the business. Furthermore, Pathlock helps you prioritize remediation to close out vulnerabilities for good.


Vulnerability Management Capabilities

Scheduled Security Audits
Your most common audits can be scheduled and run as often as needed
Robust Library of Security Checks
Proven rule-sets for a wide range of applications, policies, and compliance standards.
Centralized View
Centralized view of the security status of your application landscape
Complete Audit Trail
Audit-compliant documentation and mitigation of risks


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Find Out How Pathlock Can Help You Manage Vulnerabilities in Your Business Apps