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Automated Transport Control for SAP Applications

Continuously monitor the export and import of SAP transports and automatically block critical objects before they are transported.

TRANSPORT CONTROL Analyze, Detect, and Block Critical Objects in Your SAP Transports

Manually monitoring SAP transports is a slow, tedious process that can lead to missed vulnerabilities and system breaches. Using a manual approach can also create a backlog of transports between development and production systems, potentially delaying patches, important development changes, and authorization updates which can lead to costly downtime for your SAP applications or application users.

The Pathlock Transport Control module enables organizations to continuously monitor, review, and block transports containing suspicious content by extending SAP Transport Management System (TMS) capabilities with preconfigured security controls and additional automation. Through a centralized dashboard, the module allows you to view all transports and flagged objects that do not meet security and compliance requirements. The module’s extensive automation enables continuous protection against SAP system breaches stemming from missed critical objects, system misconfigurations, and manipulated data, users, roles, and authorizations.


Transport Control Capabilities

Centralized Dashboard
Provides clear and concise visual representations of critical transports and their respective risk and compliance postures, enabling security decision-makers to make informed choices more easily and effectively.
Advanced Threat Detection & Identification
Leverages 90+ preconfigured rules for advanced identification of transports containing critical data objects, vulnerabilities, and threats.
Automated Compliance
Allows users to define control attestations and demonstrate compliance with financial and data regulations like SOX and GDPR.
Holistically Secures the Transport Lifecyle
Analyzes transports for threats and vulnerabilities and automatically blocks affected transports for review before transports exit or enter your SAP instances.


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