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Pathlock and SAP Access Control

Access Analysis
Automate your SOD and sensitive access risk analysis and reporting at the user level across all business applications
Compliant Provisioning
Fine-grained provisioning with detailed permission sets to align with business requirements, across all of your applications
Elevated Access Managment (Firefighter)
Grant temporary access to critical business applications and systems with confidence and security

Extend SAP Access Control to All of Your Business Applications

Fine-grained access analysis and provisioning combined with transaction level controls

Analyze Access Risk Across Your Enterprise Business Applications in SAP Access Control

Pathlock automates SOD and sensitive access risk analysis and reporting at the user level across all business applications, including ERP, HCM, and CRM platforms. We provide embedded, easily customizable rulesets for leading business applications, ensuring quick time-to-value for your organization and reducing risk and costs by providing an automated approach to risk analysis.

Compliant, Automated Provisioning

Automated user provisioning cuts administrative costs, improves user productivity, and ensures an audit-approved process is followed whenever access is requested, approved, and provisioned. Pathlock offers the most detailed provisioning capabilities available today, enabling you to better align access with business requirements, such as transaction controls or sensitive data masking.

Elevated Access Managment (Firefighter)

Granting elevated or emergency access to production systems is a high-risk activity that many auditors will identify as a significant deficiency if not appropriately controlled. Pathlock allows organizations to streamline their elevated access process while meeting audit and security requirements. Built-in workflows reduces the need for additional IT resources, while adding additional layers of security.

Access Certification

Pathlock enables organizations to intelligently automate user access reviews and quickly recertify access across ALL of their business applications. Workflows eliminate spreadsheets, buried emails, and chasing down overworked reviewers. Our cross-application support makes it easy for reviewers to understand how their approval decisions impact business and compliance risk across all applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pathlocks’s integration with SAP Access Control enables you to apply consistent and comprehensive access governance across enterprise applications and IT systems. This helps eliminate administrative silos and provides a more complete picture of business-user access across the organization.
  • The integration is deployed in the cloud. Cloud deployment enables a quick return on investment, and is flexible and scalable to meet your requirements. While deployed via the cloud, it connects with on-premise, hosted, and cloud business applications.
  • Yes. Pathlock’s integration with SAP Access Control enables exception-based monitoring of transactions to identify actual violations, notifying business owners only when exceptions occur.
  • Pathlock provides real-time visibility into user behavior around data access and usage. Enhanced activity monitoring allows organizations to continuously monitor data access and usage and proactively alerts security teams to anomalous activity, particularly useful for ensuring non-U.S. citizens are not accessing data they shouldn’t.

Pathlock Named a Leader in SAP Access Governance

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