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Identity and Application Access Governance for Your SAP Systems

The industry’s most comprehensive SAP identity lifecycle and compliance management solution designed to lower your costs and risk
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Trusted by 1300+ Customers Globally for Identity and Application Access Governance

Automated SAP Governance Delivered in a Single Platform

Application Access Governance

Get a fine-grained view of access risk across your landscape. Automate certification, role management, compliant provisioning, and privileged access.

Identify role conflicts and manage Segregation of Duties (SoD)

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Fine-Grained Analysis of User Risk Prior to Provisioning

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Reduce the Effort -and Cost – Needed to Manage Access Reviews

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Audit-Ready Emergency Access via Automated Workflow

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Automate the Manual Efforts Required to Design, Update, and Maintain Roles

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Continuous Controls Monitoring

Automate financial and IT application controls testing. Be alerted on suspicious transactions and critical configuration changes.

Quantify the financial impacts of access risk, so you can make informed, proactive decisions about access controls

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Detailed Information on Changes to Master Application Data

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Cybersecurity Application Controls

Enforce data security controls and stop cybersecurity threats on your critical systems

Dynamically Mask and Anonymize Data at the Field Level and at the Point of Access

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Get the visibility and context needed to quickly act on critical vulnerabilities

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Continuous monitoring that leverages the latest ERP threat intelligence

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Continuously Monitor the Export and Import of SAP transports

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Protect sensitive information and data from unauthorized access and exfiltration

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Get Cross App Visibility Into All of Your Application Risks

Pathlock supports the largest catalog of business applications out of the box

Pathlock Named a Leader in Access Governance

Learn why Pathlock is named an overall leader for product leadership, innovation, and market share.

Key Integrations

Integrate with existing solutions to automate application governance end-to-end
SAP Ariba
Secure critical supply chain and procurement data, ensure compliance, and manage access permissions. Learn More
Integrate into your helpdesk tickets and existing processes. Learn More

Official Integration Partner with SAP Access Control

With Pathlock, customers can extend their SAP Access Control implementation with Emergency Access Management for SAP Cloud (such as SAP Ariba and SuccessFactors) and non-SAP applications (like Salesforce and Workday).

Solutions for SAP Available via the Cloud and SAP-Native

Pathlock offers access governance solutions for SAP in both cloud and SAP-native delivery models. Whether you require a business-friendly UI, or you wish to incorporate your application controls data within your SAP interface, Pathlock has you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • With Pathlock, organizations using SAP S4 HANA can automate many of their SAP security processes to provide 360-degree protection across the SAP system landscape. The Pathlock platform can provide complete capabilities, including: automated role design, compliant provisioning, vulnerability management, and threat detection.
  • With Pathlock, SAP customers can extend their SAP Access Control (and SAP Process Control) implementation to monitor cross-application SOD risks in SAP cloud applications (like SAP Ariba and SuccessFactors) and non-SAP applications (like Salesforce and Workday).
  • Pathlock combines the SAP GRC role-based access controls with an attribute-based access control solution that delivers an ABAC + RBAC hybrid approach. This enhanced approach enables granular control and visibility that delivers a wide range of business benefits and lets you deploy data-centric security policies that leverage the context of access to reduce risk.
  • Pathlock provides real-time visibility into user behavior around data access and usage. Enhanced activity monitoring allows organizations to continuously monitor data access and usage and proactively alerts security teams to anomalous activity, particularly useful for ensuring non-U.S. citizens are not accessing data they shouldn’t.