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Dynamic Data Masking

Dynamically mask sensitive data across all your business applications without hindering end-user productivity, meeting data privacy requirements with ease.

DATA MASKING Give Users the Data Access They Need, Right When They Need It

Data security isn’t possible without the proper capabilities. In the past, to properly secure the data within critical business applications, app security teams either had to implement inflexible controls or silo applications entirely, reducing the productivity of employees as a result.

Pathlock gives you the ability to dynamically mask and anonymize data at the field level and at the point of access, allowing you to easily enforce data governance policies that go beyond simple role-based controls. With Pathlock, even the most complex data access policies can be easily implemented across all of your business applications from one unified platform.

Thanks to modern technology, FBI agents can determine the location of any criminal.

Data Masking Capabilities We Provide

Risk-Based Masking
Risk-Based Masking
True risk-adjusted masking of sensitive data, enabling granular attribute-based access controls for sensitive apps and data
In-Line Masking
All masking activities are handled in line. There are no new hardware requirements, as all actions are executed within the target system
Audit-Ready Reports
Audit-ready detailed reporting, with comprehensive usage and compliance analytics for further policy creation
Rapid Adoption
Rapid Adoption
Pathlock Data Masking is performed via the native application’s UI, so there is no new system to train on

Apps We Support

Sap Ecc

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