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Access Governance and Compliance for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Gain Control of Compliance and Governance Initiatives for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure AD

Pathlock extends the native Microsoft Dynamics SoD solution
Provisioning, User Access Reviews capabilities, Extending SoD to non Microsoft apps, Transaction Monitoring ,and “did do” analysis
Integration with Azure Active Directory
Helps you prevent, identify, mitigate, and remediate fraud; govern user access with hundreds of pre-built controls across various applications
Pathlock maps the security models of your critical business applications
Automatically analyzes the types of access a particular user has within and across applications at a detailed level and identifies access conflicts

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Microsoft Dynamics 365
Access and Data Risks

Auditing for compliance and security can be very complex, time-consuming and expensive. Unfortunately, if done manually, it’s also nearly impossible to provide auditors accurate information or clear answers to prove compliance and improve security.

Pathlock’s application security and controls automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you reduce the risk of fraud, detect access errors or irregularities, enforce internal control policies.

Access Certification
An automated workflow approach to User Access Reviews, certification campaigns, and access requests
Automated Provisioning
Automate user setup and application access
Access Analysis
Automated sensitive access risk analysis and reporting
Emergency Access Management
Time-based, risk-adjusted elevated access via an automated workflow
Change Log
Easily track changes made to Dynamics 365 via a single interface.

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