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The Importance of Controls and Audit Automation

Organizations are facing dynamic shifts in today’s business environment that have complicated the controls landscape. New ways of working, increased regulatory scrutiny, and speed to digitization and automation have all drastically altered an organization’s strategy for managing controls.

In addition, compliance teams face the critical responsibility of continuously monitoring the application ecosystem’s internal controls to ensure that external regulations are being implemented and internal policies are in line with overall company objectives.

This has left organizations to audit the controls for their applications and data with a patchwork of manual processes, disparate software tools, and consulting and services organizations.

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Pathlock has created the first-of-its-kind, unified, 360-degree platform that allows organizations to automate their controls across their business applications and mitigate risk in real-time. By automating the audit process, we reduce the skyrocketing costs of audits and controls through automation, rich data, fewer consultants, and better alignment across applications and stakeholders.

We give you the confidence that you can pass audit and compliance requirements. One of Pathlock’s most vital capabilities is our broad support for business applications, with controls for the leading business applications and the critical business processes they support. In fact, no Pathlock customer has ever reported a material weakness in the controls we automate and monitor.

Access Certification
An automated workflow approach to User Access Reviews, certification campaigns and access requests
Risk Quantification
Quantify the actual financial risk in your business applications and processes
Automated Provisioning
Fine-grained and compliant provisioning aligned with business needs
Enhanced Activity Tracking
Detailed activity tracking in a highly actionable user interface

Pathlock enabled us to meet business needs by decreasing super-user provisioning time by 75% and meet audit requirements by logging all super-user activities.

Reshad Alam, CISO, Regal Beloit Corporation

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