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Reviewing and certifying user access is a challenge, especially when you have a diverse app landscape. Recertifications can disrupt busy managers and IT staff. Security admins must set aside time to compile relevant user data. And siloed, app-by-app reviews prolong the problem, creating confusion that can lead to excessive access. If you’re performing reviews manually, the entire process can seem like a chaotic game of free-for-all “tag, you’re it!”.

In order to minimize the cost of compliance while improving security (and reducing headaches), many organizations are turning to automated solutions that can handle multiple apps in a centralized process.

In this webinar, join the experts at Pathlock as they discuss methods to optimize UARs and share best practices in expanding the application scope of your reviews.


       Ryan Quinonez

       Product Marketing Manager


       Jasmine Chennikara-Varghese

       Principal Product Manager


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