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Automated Role Management for Your Critical Business Applications

Align your business priorities with compliant, audit-ready and durable roles for your critical business applications.

Design, Test, Deploy and Manage Roles with Confidence

Role Management

Learn Role Management solution can automate and simplify your role design and re-design processes. It automates the design process by analyzing existing authorizations, usage patterns, and access concerns while ensuring compliance through simulations, review, and documentation.


AUTOMATED ROLE MANAGEMENT Automate the Manual Efforts Required to Design, Update, and Maintain Roles Within Your Critical Business Applications

Maintaining roles within your critical business applications is a constant challenge. Roles often become misaligned with the business as organizations and business processes change. Too often, spreadsheets and ad-hoc tools are asked to serve this critical function. As a result, access management and compliance processes suffer.

Pathlock’s Role Management solution is a powerful, visual role builder for your business applications. It lets you assess the audit readiness and quality of existing roles while also allowing you to design new roles that are proven to be compliant with simulations and “what if” analysis. Our fine-grained role design allows for roles that can dynamically adhere to access policies and promote compliance.


Role Management Capabilities

Fine-Grained Role Design
Fine-Grained Role Design
Ability to define permissions at the most granular levels to reduce risk, based on actual usage data down to the function level
Role Simulation
Role Simulation
Allows you simulate risk and test roles before pushing them into production
Continuous Role Monitoring
Continuous Role Monitoring
Continuous monitoring of organizational structure changes in your business applications and ERP systems
Cross-App Support
Broad Application Support
Support for over 85 business applications from a single UI; can be combined with additional Pathlock modules to eliminate risk at the role level


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