Access Orchestration Use Cases

Access orchestration synthesizes security, IT, and application management activities across the digital enterprise.

Pathlock’s Preventive, Detective, and Mitigating Controls Prevent Insider Financial Fraud and Data Theft
Your Attack Surface

You can ensure insiders have access to the minimal amount of information and functions they require to do their job, nothing more.

Insider Activities

Granular insights and reporting on user behavior reveal what insiders are doing in business-critical applications.

Suspicious Behavior

Automated triggers can remove privileged access rights and terminate sessions to stop insider threats in their tracks.

Pathlock is Your Partner on the Road to Zero Trust
Privileged Access

Granular controls help you set context-based access permissions for users and applications down to the field level.

Time-Bound Access

Access can be set to expire after a project is over or a time window ends to eliminate the risk of standing access.

Privilege Sprawl

You can easily see which users aren’t using their access so you can eliminate privilege sprawl and tighten your attack surface.

Pathlock is the Only Platform that can Illuminate SoD Conflicts Across Every One of Your Applications
Rely on an Auditor-Vetted SoD Rulebook

Pathlock controls access at the field level, so you can manage what systems people can access, and what they can do with their access within and across systems.

Start Fast with 140+ Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Pathlock automatically translates and analyzes business activities across multiple applications and synthesizes and controls them in a common platform.

Close the Gap with Continuous Integration

When a user attribute (such as purchasing limit) is updated, Pathlock immediately picks up the change and pushes it directly into the target system.

Pathlock’s Industry-Leading and Audit-Tested Rules Help You Stipulate Access Rights for Groups, Users, Roles, and Objects
Get Proactive with
“What-If Analysis”

You can proactively run scenarios and system checks to catch potential conflicts within and between applications before provisioning takes place.

Automate Access

When an employee leaves your organization or changes roles, access can be removed immediately and automatically through a central system.

Embed Access Governance in Your Workflow

Pathlock integrates with ticketing systems like ServiceNow and identity management solutions like Sailpoint, where provisioning requests start.

Pathlock Customers Improve Review Cycles So They Take 20% of the Time and 10% of the Manual Effort
Review 100%
of User Transactions

Instead of reviewing only a sample of transitions, review 100% and correlate them to the users who perform those transactions.

See What Users Actually Did with Their Access

Base decisions on actual user behavior, not hypothetical possibilities of what users could do with access.

Empower Reviewers with Meaningful Reports

Reviewers easily see all toxic access conflicts and understand the business impact of their decisions to approve access.

Manage UARs Through the Review Cycle

You can track review progress and completion in a central dashboard and compile an audit-ready report at any time.

Pathlock’s Continuous Controls Monitor All Applications and Respond Automatically
Don’t Recreate the Wheel

Pathlock helps you increase consistency, ensuring controls are the same for each risk, country, and business unit.

Reduce Controls

Pathlock customers reduce the number of controls they use by up to 90% so they can focus on what is most important.

Save Time and Stress

By automating and mapping mitigating controls to the most critical risks, you can focus your team on managing exceptions.

Pathlock Provides Granular Oversight and Control for Temporary and Third-Party Access
Elevate Privileges with Just-in-Time Controls

You can quickly elevate access for firefighters or third parties without slowing down productivity for technical and business users.

Set Limits on Access and Behavior

Elevated access can be set to expire after an emergency session ends to eliminate risk of standing or forgotten access.

Monitor and Report on All Access

Automated, easy-to-read reports provide granular detail, including any changes made during periods of elevated access.

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