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Market Leader in Governance, Risk, and Compliance for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

The industry’s most complete solution for access governance and security automation for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Trusted by 1300+ Customers Globally for Compliance Confidence

Save Time, Improve Operational Efficiency, and Strengthen Security

Account Creation
Automatically Matriculate a New Student and Create Accounts in PeopleSoft, Active Directory and more
Compliant Provisioning
Create, Maintain, and Remove User Access as Users (Students, Faculty & Staff) Join and Leave Your Institution
Access Certification
Automate User Access Reviews So You Can Accurately and Quickly Recertify Access.
Elevated Access Management
Maintain Control and Get Deeper Insight into Privileged Sessions with Time-Bound Access, Audit-Ready Reporting and User Activity Logging
Native IAM Integration for SSO & MFA
Natively Integrate SAML SSO & MFA Without Customizations or Additional Servers
Data Security and Privacy
Prevent Data Breaches with Dynamic Exfiltration Controls and Mask Sensitive Data Fields in Accordance with Regulations like FERPA, GDPR, CCPA and more

Seamlessly Grant, Modify or Revoke Access as Users Join, Change/Add Roles or Leave Your Institution

Every year, thousands of new users join and leave your institution, meaning change is constant. Manual processes create a heavy burden on IT teams who are in charge of provisioning and de-provisioning users. This can leave the door open for human error that can leave users without access or maintaining their access after they are no longer affiliated with your intuition. With Pathlock, workflows to automatically grant, modify or revoke access can be kicked off inside PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Enabling your team to be more effective and efficient – all while positively impacting your bottom line.

Eliminate Manual, Spreadsheet-based Governance Processes While Reducing Risk

Access governance strategies live and breathe. As users continuously join, move, and leave the organization, managing access on spreadsheets becomes challenging. Pathlock enables PeopleSoft customers to adopt process efficiencies with automation, while enabling strong segregation of duties.

Protect Valuable CS, HCM and FSCM Data from Breaches and Exfiltration

Evolving regulations like FERPA, GDPR, ITAR, and CCPA have left little margin for error when it comes to data protection. Pathlock enables PeopleSoft customers to strengthen internal controls for data security and dynamically redact UI-level data if user access is indicative of risk (for example, location, device, time-of-day).

Pathlock Name the Overall Leader in Access Governance

Learn why Pathlock is named the overall leader for product leadership, innovation, and market share.

Key IAM Technology Integrations

Natively integrate industry leading Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions with PeopleSoft
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