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The beginning of a new semester is known for many things. For tens of thousands of students, faculty, and staff, it means returning to their respective colleges and universities for another year of learning and teaching. For IT professionals, it means being pushed to their limits by onboarding students and faculty into PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CS) with manual processes.

The Manual Hurdles of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Access

Managing access to PeopleSoft CS presents similar challenges to other ERP systems but on a larger scale due to the influx of new users during the academic season. The process of adding users and ensuring secure and compliant roles currently involves a significant amount of manual work using spreadsheets and communication between multiple parties. This includes creating new accounts in one or more systems (such as CS for academic workflows and HCM/FSCM for student workers), establishing appropriate separation of duties, and conducting yearly certifications.

Manually granting new user access is often based on existing users, which can lead to misallocations or over-provisioning of full-time or part-time staff. This manual approach, combined with the complexities of granting access to different target systems, often leads to human errors and a misaligned resource landscape.

Automating PeopleSoft Identity & Access Management with Pathlock

Thankfully, Pathlock has simplified PeopleSoft identity and access management, and access governance by fully automating how you get users into the system and give them the access to PeopleSoft they require. Pathlock leverages PeopleSoft as your system of record to automate key access management workflows using PeopleSoft data and changes to user records.

Let’s take a look at a product demonstration to see how PeopleSoft access automation works.

Benefits of PeopleSoft Access Automation and How Pathlock Enables Budget Efficiencies

When we dive deep into the advantages of integrating Pathlock into an organization, the overarching themes are enhanced governance, amplified automation, and substantial cost savings. What’s noteworthy is Pathlock’s universal “win” approach, ensuring that every department, from IT to business users to audit, reaps tangible benefits.

From the IT Department’s standpoint, the most compelling benefit is a 50% reduction in tasks (according to Pathlock customers). Pathlock takes the heavy lifting out of their day by automating many of the traditionally manual processes. By eliminating mundane tasks, IT professionals can pivot their focus to more critical issues, ensuring a smoother operational flow. Automation isn’t just about convenience; it’s about security, too. The swift onboarding and offboarding of users through automated provisioning significantly curtail potential security breaches.

For Business Users, Pathlock lightens the team’s workload, especially in controls testing. Instead of slogging through traditional manual methods, the system allows for more streamlined, targeted, and efficient testing. But the real game-changer is in provisioning requests. With Pathlock, it’s almost instantaneous, leading to a staggering 70% cost reduction (according to Pathlock customers). Auditors can now directly access the information they need from the system instead of waiting for details.

Lastly, the Audit Department stands to gain enormously from Pathlock. Audits are faster and more precise, with the ability to directly access accurate and trustworthy data. The system reduces the reliance on middlemen and consultants. Auditors can adopt a risk-based lens instead of getting bogged down by transactional details, leading to an impressive 80% risk reduction (according to Pathlock customers). Moreover, even external auditors can directly access the system, making the entire audit process more streamlined and efficient.

Pathlock Stands Out in PeopleSoft Access Automation

Pathlock provides the ONLY access governance platform designed to automate PeopleSoft/Active Directory account creation, provisioning & SoD, and periodic access certifications. And it works for Campus Solutions as well as HCM and FSCM.

Ready to take the burden of PeopleSoft identity and access governance off your IT team and help you do more with less? Contact us today for a personalized demo.

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