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Finance Transformation

Reduce the Cost of Compliance for Your Finance Transformation Projects

Automate policy enforcement and access controls across your business applications.

Effectively Control Your Risk As You Deliver New Capabilities and Services

Finance transformations are strategic opportunities to streamline business processes, drive organizational growth, and enhance employee, partner, and customer user experiences.

However, an often-overlooked area within these projects is risk management and the chance to reduce the overall cost of compliance through application control enhancement, automation, and reporting.

Regardless of where your company is in its transformation journey, whether in its early or final stages, Pathlock can provide solutions for the entire application security and controls automation lifecycle.


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Pathlock can help companies accelerate their finance transformation by automating their accounting and audit processes. Pathlock’s continuous control monitoring provides centralized, real-time monitoring of actions involving sensitive, protected data across your entire business application ecosystem. As a result, you can detect potential fraud, mitigate risk, and decrease the cost of compliance reporting.

You can safeguard financial data by enforcing dynamic policies that regulate access to data and transactions based on contextual attributes (i.e., location, IP address, time, data sensitivity, and more).

Pathlock delivers the most comprehensive solution for streamlining, managing, and enforcing SoD. In addition, user accounts, permissions, and data across applications are automatically associated and correlated, making SOD management and analysis effortless.

Enhanced Activity Tracking
Detailed activity tracking in a highly actionable user interface
Risk Quantification
Quantify the actual financial risk in your business applications and processes
Access Certification
An automated workflow approach to User Access Reviews, certification campaigns, and access requests
Data Masking
Dynamically mask sensitive data across all of your business applications

Choosing Pathlock for our organization has been an excellent decision. We have now maintained control over segregation of duties, locating any sensitive accounts and identifying the actual user and exact time of use.

Richard Symes – SAP Competence Manager

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