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Quantify the Financial Risk in Your Business Applications

Easily identify, quantify, and remediate the financial exposure of your segregation of duties (SOD) conflicts in your business applications.

RISK QUANTIFICATION Analyze SoD Conflicts Against Real-Time Financial Data

It’s critical for organizations today to monitor and quantify their exposures to SOD conflicts. Of course, a company can’t eliminate every risk, so the goal should be to identify the risks that threaten pre-defined thresholds of value.

Pathlock analyzes transaction data within your business applications to quantify the financial exposure of SOD conflicts in your application environment. This quantification identifies the monetary risk and impacts on your organization. Pathlock provides a detailed analysis that can be viewed by SOD control conflict, user, or application, with complete transaction details. As a result, Pathlock can reduce the time and costs of SOD audits by as much as 80%.


Risk Quantification Capabilities

Largest Library of Controls
The industry’s broadest library of controls, continuously validated by our Global 2000 customer base
Broad Application Support
Dynamic, pre-built, and customizable rule sets for the leading business applications
AI-Driven Insights
We harness all application and risk data about your environment to drive insights and dynamic real-time risk scoring
Complete Audit Trail
A complete audit trail with all change documentation


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