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Access Analysis from Pathlock

Eliminate the spreadsheets, sample tests, and external consultant costs needed for access analysis.

Automate SoD and Critical Access Management

Access Analysis

Learn how Pathlock can transform your access risk management with a true cross-application solution. By eliminating the need for spreadsheets, sample tests, and external consultants, organizations can effortlessly comply with regulatory requirements and reduce the cost and complexity of managing user access risks within and across applications.  

Access Analysis

ACCESS ANALYSIS Analyze Access Risk Across Your Enterprise Business Applications

Segregation of duties is a core control necessary for mitigating the risks of fraud, theft, and error, as well as meeting SOX compliance requirements. While traditional application-specific SOD solutions have sufficed in the past, the proliferation of cross-app business processes has shifted how organizations must address SOD.

Pathlock automates your SOD and sensitive access risk analysis and reporting at the user level across all business applications, including ERP, HCM, and CRM platforms. We provide pre-set, easily customizable rulesets for the leading business applications, ensuring quick time-to-value for your organization and reducing risk and costs with an automated approach to risk analysis.


Access Analysis Capabilities We Provide

Simulation Analysis-2
Simulation Analysis
Flexible simulation engine that can forecast risk changes at business or technical role, or user level access, across applications.
Automated Reporting-2
Granular Reporting
Detailed access analysis reporting; conflict analysis by role, user, entity (e.g. business unit or plant), duty, privilege level, table access, and more.
Cross-App Support
Cross-App Support
Cross-app support allows for reporting on a single app or multiple apps via a single user interface.
SOD Analysis
Granular SOD reporting engine allows you to understand risk at the authorization object level to reduce false positives.


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Find Out How Pathlock Can Help You Automate and Analyze Access Risk Across Your Business Applications