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Pathlock + ServiceNow

Pathlock integrates with ServiceNow to unify access orchestration and ITSM solutions for organizations.

Unify Access Orchestration and ITSM Processes/Ticketing

Pathlock’s IGA solution integrates with ServiceNow workflows that provision access to users, providing organizations with a unified IGA solution that covers not only every application, but also every workflow and process within.

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Automate GRC Controls Testing with Pathlock and ServiceNow

With Pathlock and ServiceNow GRC, automate GRC controls testing and get a real time view into the status of all controls (both manual and automated). Combine automated controls and manual control results and report on them directly from ServiceNow.

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Find Out How Pathlock Can Help You Secure Your Business Applications

No matter where you are on the journey to automating your controls, enforcing application security, or ensuring compliance, Pathlock is here to help you. Our audit and security experts have decades of experience working for and with the world's largest organizations.