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Access certifications, also widely known as user access reviews, are a specific type of IT audit that focuses on the permissions granted to users within a business application like PeopleSoft.  

During PeopleSoft access certifications, administrators or designated reviewers assess and validate the access rights assigned to individual users. This involves examining the roles, privileges, and permissions assigned to each user account and ensuring that they align with the user’s job responsibilities and the organization’s security policies. 

The Risks of Manual PeopleSoft Access Certifications

Managing access certifications manually can pose several challenges for IT teams, including:

  • Time-Consuming Process: IT teams must dedicate significant resources to collecting, analyzing, and verifying access permissions for each user, often resulting in inefficient use of time and manpower. 
  • Human Error: Manual access certifications are prone to human error, such as overlooking access discrepancies or inaccurately assessing user permissions.  
  • Limited Audit Trail: Manually documenting access certifications makes it difficult to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies during audits or investigations. 
  • Inefficient Review Workflows: Manual access reviews often rely on email notifications, spreadsheets, or other ad hoc methods to manage review workflows. These manual processes lack automation and standardization, making it difficult to track review progress, assign responsibilities, and ensure timely review completion. 

Automate Your PeopleSoft Access Certifications with Pathlock

If your IT team is burdened by the manual gathering of PeopleSoft access data, and you need relief – then look no further! Pathlock is designed to assist your IT team in effortlessly identifying which users have access to PeopleSoft, the level of permissions they are holding, and what they actually did with their access privileges.

Pathlock Delivers Granular Visibility into PeopleSoft Authorization Usage

Pathlock goes beyond simple ‘can do’ analysis and provides granular ‘did do’ insights that rapidly align action with identity. It gives you the tools you need to identify and mitigate risk and satisfy your audit requirements!

So, what are you waiting for? Book a demo today to see how Pathlock enables your IT team to control and govern access to PeopleSoft seamlessly and securely.

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