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PeopleSoft security is essential for protecting sensitive data, complying with regulations, preventing fraud, maintaining system integrity, preserving reputation, minimizing financial losses, and ensuring user accountability. That said, with the regulatory landscape constantly evolving, it is widely understood that PeopleSoft teams that execute identity governance processes (e.g., provisioning, certifications, etc.) manually struggle to maintain a security model that can be consistently applied across the organization. After all, the foundation of consistency and scalability is creating an automated and repeatable process.  

Throw in the constant shuffling of access requirements as users continuously join, move, and leave the organization – it’s clear that a manual provisioning strategy can create a significant liability over time.

This is where Pathlock can help through Pathlock Cloud—the Identity Governance platform designed for equal parts process efficiency and security! By automating the provisioning process using a combination of intelligent workflows and risk-based features, PeopleSoft customers can establish a strong foundation for securely granting, optimizing, and ultimately revoking user access. 

Security Benefits of Automating PeopleSoft Identity Governance

Automated Provisioning and Deprovisioning 

When a new employee is hired, Pathlock automatically establishes their permissions based on previously defined policies. Intelligent workflows apply these policies, create accounts, and ultimately alert the user to their new access. Similarly, when employees depart or change roles, their access privileges are instantly revoked or adjusted.

Access Certification with Granular Activity Data 

Pathlock automated the certification process, providing intelligent reporting on current access privileges. Plus, Pathlock provides granular ‘did do’ insights that rapidly align action with identity, giving you the tools you need to identify risk, mitigate risk, and satisfy your audit requirements.

Integration with PeopleSoft 

Pathlock integrates with PeopleSoft to ensure that personnel data, organizational hierarchies, and job roles are all in sync. Simple changes to data fields can kick off workflows inside PeopleSoft (e.g., moving a user from ‘applicant’ to ’employee’), limiting change management. 

PeopleSoft Identity Governance: Designed by PeopleSoft Experts, for PeopleSoft Experts

By implementing Pathlock Cloud, organizations can efficiently and effectively manage employee access, enable compliance with access policies, and reduce security risks associated with improper access permissions. Pathlock’s Automated Provisioning solution is instrumental in ensuring secure and compliant management of identities and access rights across PeopleSoft HCM, FSCM, and Campus Solutions.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a demo today to see how Pathlock enables your IT team to control and govern access to PeopleSoft seamlessly and securely.

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