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An organization’s user base is never static. As employees are onboarded, change roles, move to other departments, or leave the company, it’s critical that you manage and certify the appropriateness of user access to your PeopleSoft system. Unfortunately, organizations often manage these processes using time-consuming and resource-intensive manual workflows. Or worse: spreadsheets.

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The Problem with Using Manual Processes and Spreadsheets

Manually onboarding and offboarding users is a time-consuming and resource-intensive task. In addition, user provisioning and deprovisioning processes often span multiple departments and applications. For example, Payroll, IT, and HR teams creating accounts to provide users with the necessary access across various systems. In addition, when employees leave the organization, their accounts must be disabled and eventually deleted. These multiple manual touchpoints can reduce productivity and are prone to human errors. And then there are the frustrated users waiting forever to get their accounts created or roles assigned.  

As a best practice, organizations should periodically perform user access reviews to ensure that users only have access to what they need to perform their jobs. Too often, organizations use spreadsheets to manually manage and analyze users’ access, which can be inefficient and complex. Additionally, managers often do not have time to review every employee’s access, so they end up rubber-stamping previously granted access rights–exposing the company to security and compliance risks. 

Using Automation to Streamline User Provisioning and Access Reviews

Automation is crucial to streamlining user provisioning and access reviews and for improving process efficiency. For example, when our PeopleSoft customers automate their provisioning and deprovisioning, they save up to 80% in process time and improve productivity by 38%. 

Let’s take a closer look at how organizations can use Pathlock to automate user access reviews across ALL of their business applications… including PeopleSoft, Oracle, SuccessFactors, Salesforce, and more. 

  • Efficient Provisioning & Deprovisioning With Automated Workflows: Pathlock automates user provisioning of applications and other resources to ensure they have the appropriate permissions and access based on their job roles. With Pathlock, you can run system checks to detect potential access conflicts within PeopleSoft. You can automatically revoke access through a central system for offboarding or transitioning employees.
  • Periodic User Access Reviews & Automated Access Review Campaigns: Conducting infrequent (or zero) user access reviews may result in unnecessary access and expose your PeopleSoft applications to security and compliance risks. With Pathlock, companies can perform periodic and automated user access reviews to ensure proper permissions are granted to the users and ensure better visibility into who has access to what. You can also streamline access request workflows, view actionable audit trails of user activities, and prevent unauthorized users from accessing applications. 
  • Visibility Into Privileged User Activities: PeopleSoft lacks the required level of granularity and visibility into how users access and engage with sensitive data. Pathlock provides real-time audit trails with granular visibility into what users “did do” and “can do” with their access. Our automated deprovisioning identifies inactive accounts, removes inappropriate access, and deactivates privileged access once the job is completed.

Amp Up the Efficiency of Your User Provisioning Workflows with Pathlock

One of the goals of digital transformation is to improve efficiency. These days, PeopleSoft customers are dealing with the reality of performing their user provisioning and user access reviews across ALL their business-critical applications. Without automation, valuable IT resources are overwhelmed and diverted from strategic projects, while user access reviews end up taking months to complete.

Contact Pathlock today, and let us show you how to automate and streamline your PeopleSoft user provisioning and access reviews from a single platform. 

Download Now: Streamline PeopleSoft User Provisioning & Access Reviews

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