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In today’s digital age, where data breaches and cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, maintaining regulatory compliance has become paramount for organizations across various industries. Ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive data is not only a legal obligation but also a vital component of maintaining customer trust. One of the key tools that organizations utilize to achieve and demonstrate regulatory compliance is the implementation of access certifications.

How Access Certifications Impact Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining regulatory compliance is a multifaceted challenge that requires organizations to adhere to a complex web of rules, regulations, and standards. From GDPR in Europe to HIPAA in healthcare and PCI DSS in the payment industry, each sector has its own set of requirements that organizations must follow to safeguard sensitive data and ensure the privacy of users. Here’s how Certifications significantly impact regulatory compliance:

  • Mitigation of Insider Threats: Reviews identify and address instances of unauthorized access or privilege escalation, reducing the potential for internal breaches.
  • Demonstrating Accountability: Enables organization to provide documented evidence of their efforts to ensure that access controls are in place and are regularly reviewed.
  • Protection of Sensitive Data: Ensures that only individuals with a genuine need can access sensitive data.
  • Enforcement of Least Privilege: Certifications help organizations enforce this principle by regularly reviewing and adjusting user access levels.
  • Adaptation to Changing Roles: Helps update access permissions and reduce mismatch between users’ actual responsibilities and their access rights.
  • Identification of Unauthorized Access: Enables security teams to identify any unauthorized access attempts or activities.
  • Consistent Monitoring and Reporting: Promotes consistent monitoring and reporting of user access so that compliance violations are quickly identified and addressed.

Compliance with Pathlock Certifications

Certifications is one the many modules that is part of Pathlock’s Application Access Governance product. It enables our customers to not only achieve better compliance but also make the entire review process simpler, more efficient and cost-effective using automation and cross-application capabilities. Our Certifications module manages the entire review process, enables reviewers to make informed decisions on whether to confirm or revoke access, and provides the audit trail to prove reviews have taken place. Here’s how:

  • Cross-app Access Reviews: Enables you to perform multi-system access reviews simultaneously to get a full view of all user accesses across business applications like SAP, Salesforce, Oracle EBS, and more.
  • Campaign Segmentation: Certification campaigns can be run based on attributes like role, dept, geo, SoD risks, etc. This allows high-risk user groups to be reviewed more frequently than the low-risk user base.
  • One-click Approval/Revocation: Allows role owners and supervisors to grant/remove specific user access directly without IT involvement. The customizable auto-lock also decertifies inactive users automatically.
  • Detailed Usage Insights: The module provides reviewers with usage insights to make informed decisions. They can see data at the account, role, and entitlement level, including frequency and last date of usage.

These are just some of the many features that help you review user access efficiently across your applications. To learn more, schedule a demo with our team today.

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