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SAP is re-structuring its solution for business processes. Part of this includes migrating to S/4HANA. With this major upgrade, most, if not all of the transactions in your SAP system should be tested. Security roles are taking a huge impact with the move to S/4HANA and the need for custom programs and role redesigns is greater than ever before.

With the move to S/4HANA the need to periodically revise your security roles is vital but can also be massively time-consuming. Enter automation, with the ability to automate the design and building of SAP roles in your system you can greatly reduce the length of role redesign projects.

In our upcoming webinar, listen to Allen Cutting, Senior Solutions Architect at Pathlock as he outlines how to ease your S/4HANA migrations with efficient role design in your SAP environment. In this webinar learn:

  • How automation can remove the risk from testing
  • Why unit testing ensures that users can access each transaction
  • Enhanced automated tracing and evaluation routines that can determine if your new roles have sufficient authorization 

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