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As organizations continue to navigate an ever-evolving landscape of regulatory requirements and novel security threats, robust GRC strategies are paramount. SAP's GRC suite has long been a staple in helping businesses to manage risks, understanding compliance requirements, and enforcing controls within their SAP environments. However, in today's interconnected and diversified IT ecosystems, businesses operate across a multitude of applications beyond SAP, necessitating a broad GRC solution.

This session will introduce an innovative approach to extend SAP GRC capabilities through the integration of Access Violation Management (AVM). By leveraging AVM’s capability in control orchestration across a wide array of business applications with SAP's GRC prowess, organizations can transcend the limitations of traditional siloed control implementations. The integration can enable enterprises to harmonize control frameworks, streamline audit processes, bolster security protocols, monitor access, and detect anomalies across diverse business applications, thereby transcending the confines of traditional SAP environments.


         Chris Radkowski | Senior Director of Solution Management, Governance, Risk, and Compliance | SAP

         Sachin Singh | Managing Director | Deloitte & Touche LLP

         Susan Stapleton | VP, Partner Advisory | Pathlock

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