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On-Demand Webcast | Unify Your Application Risk Silos with Realtime Enterprise Transaction Monitoring

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Join KPMG and Greenlight Technologies to learn how real-time application transaction telemetry can operationalize and automate governance orchestration across every system that contains critical data enabling users to develop a 360-degree view of risk and compliance.

You’ll also learn how to: 

  • Move to exception-based monitoring for actual internal control failures that occur during the process chain. 
  • Alert on risk and compliance issues as they occur 
  • Automated IT General Controls 
  • Minimize issues from fraud, error or omission 
  • Standardize user & process risk management 
  • Monitor 100% of transactional activity against security and compliance requirements 
  • Quantify materialized risk in order to resolve exceptions that have the most significant impact on a company.

Are you able to see 100% of the issues in your business process controls, conflicting access execution, and IT general controls or drill down and alert on configuration changes, suspicious user activity, and field updates?