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How Sharp Electronics Simplifies SoD Management

From electronics to appliances and more, consumers and businesses around the world watch, listen, communicate, and work using Sharp Electronics. With operations crossing multiple countries and markets, protecting company systems and data is a must. But understanding the financial exposure risks of improper access governance and segregation of duties (SoD) is nearly impossible with manual mitigating controls.

To strengthen internal controls, Sharp implemented the SAP® Access Control application and the SAP Access Violation Management application by Pathlock. Now managing access control and SOD is more efficient than ever, reducing IT costs and allowing IT staff to work on more-strategic initiatives. That means Sharp can rest easy knowing that company information is in the right hands, driving better business practices and continued innovation.

“The synergy between system solutions and procedure and technology and humanity empowers and frees companies to focus on core business functions. Leveraging innovative solutions like SAP Access Control and SAP Access Violation Management allows Sharp to do more and maximize resources,” said Wyatt MacManus, Associate Director, Information Security at Sharp Electronics Corporation

Top objectives

  • Leverage technology to streamline access governance processes across enterprise applications
  • Contextualize the segregation of duty (SOD) risk in terms of financial exposure to the business


  • Deployed the SAP® Access Control application as the company’s centralized access governance solution
  • Deployed the SAP Access Violation Management application by Pathlock to automate SOD controls and to provide insight into financial exposure due to SOD violations
  • Established this centralized solution as the basis for security as a shared service and as a platform for further expansion

Key benefits

  • Automation that reduced manual efforts for managing access governance and SOD procedures across the enterprise
  • Reduction in external audit costs
  • Reduction in the IT security team – from five employees to one

Top benefits achieved

  • 80% reduction in IT personnel time required to manage access governance and SoD controls
  • Reduction in 300 hours per month spent on SoD monitoring
  • 33% increase in the number of systems managed by SAP Access Control

To learn more about SAP Access Violation Management by Pathlock and to find out how to simplify access governance, click here.

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