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There has been some question regarding data privacy, and in particular, why any breach in data privacy is an issue for businesses. Here, then, is a list of reasons why your company needs to be aware of the current data privacy policies and concerns:

  • The effects of data privacy breaches can cause a public relations nightmare for your company, and can even lead to lost jobs.
  • Some actions that may be taken to ameliorate the issue of data privacy breaches can be viewed as unethical…and some actions (such as publishing personal information about the affected clients) are not only unethical, they’re illegal, and can cause your company to get fined.
  • Finally, and unfortunately, the law has not quite caught up with the technology currently available, and there are little if any protections available for those affected by a data breach.
Data Privacy

How does Pathlock Technologies help you? We’re specifically trained to handle these security breaches — no matter at what level the breach occurred — and respond appropriately.

But, of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. You just have to take the word of the countless Fortune 1000 companies that trust us to handle their systems. We’re also an SAP partner, which gives us the added credibility boost.

Pathlock Technologies provides the insight you need to continually scrutinize user permissions and monitors user transactions while reducing control complexity and associated operational overhead.

So, if you’re ready to obtain a consultation as to how our services can help you, and your company, contact us today.

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