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MFA Integration for PeopleSoft

Integrate MFA solutions like Okta, Duo, Azure, etc. at log-in, transaction, and data layer of PeopleSoft 

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Strengthen Identity Security and Enable Zero Trust, While Reducing User Friction

Zero Trust is a security model based on the principle of maintaining strict access controls and not trusting anyone by default, even authorized users.  

Pathlock helps organizations enforce zero trust in PeopleSoft by facilitating the native integration of enterprise multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions like Duo, Okta, Azure, SafeNet, Microsoft Authenticator at multiple layers (login, transaction and data.)  

Pathlock MFA customers can get the most out of their enterprise MFA by leveraging the contextual attributes of a user’s access, along with PeopleSoft artifacts (role, employee data, etc.) to determine if and when a user encounters an MFA challenge. This provides an effective way for organizations to protect against hackers using stolen credentials, while reducing friction as users can potentially face MFA challenges only when they are accessing sensitive material. 

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Key Benefits of PeopleSoft MFA Integration

Fastest Path to MFA Integration
MFA projects are a big investment and Pathlock helps your MFA project be successful. With a simple plug-in, Pathlock enables organizations to deeply integrate their MFA with PeopleSoft in as little as 2 weeks. No added customizations, hardware or complexity.
Configurable Solution with No Added Customization
The Pathlock PeopleSoft MFA plug-in, natively installes into the PeopleSoft Web Server without any additional infrastructure or customizations and provides regular updates aligned to PeopleSoft releases.
Identity Security that User Understand
With Pathlock, you can enforce MFA challenges based on existing PeopleSoft artifacts and/or contextual attributes like location, device, time-of-day, # of access attempts, etc. Users understand when they are accessing sensitive material, so they will understand exactly why they are being challenged. This will reduce friction across the organization.
Enhance User Activity Logging
Implement ‘click-to-view’ or ‘MFA to view’ to create a logged record of a user’s access to a specific transaction or data field.

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