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“The 50 biggest retail brands in the US were now hunting through their internal corporate networks to see if they had been infected by the “highly sophisticated” Modpos malware, said iSight senior director Stephen Ward.The modular malware could lurk unseen on point-of-sale equipment, said Mr Ward, and sought to scoop up payment-card data during the few moments this information was passed around unencrypted in the memory of computerized tills. “It’s a Swiss-army knife of sorts that can be used for any type of nefarious
activity,” he said.The Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center, a US government-backed organization set up to pass on information about threats aimed at retailers, has sent out advice about the “2015 hacking season”.- BBC News

With so many industries moving to a completely paperless existence, it is of the utmost importance that confidential data remain secure. With cyber attacks in the headlines every week, data security is in the forefront of the mind of every IT professional and executive, no matter the company size. Whether your company’s data is on-premises, hosted, or in the private cloud, Pathlock Technologies has your compliance needs covered with Access Violation Management Solution.

Access Violation Management

Today, organizations are going beyond traditional methods of manual business controls and ad hoc analyses by using integrated technology to automate risk identification and its impacts on the business. Exceptionbased monitoring controls and centralized functionality for tracking resolution of those exceptions reduce manual control efforts and eliminate false positives. By enabling enterprise-wide access governance and articulating the bottom-line impacts of access risk on your organization, you can drive business changes when traditional manual controls are insufficient to mitigate the actual financial exposure of access risks. –SAP

AccessAccess Violation Management, or more easily referred to as AVM, has the capability to assess potential risks and stop them before they can happen by analyzing large volumes of data across all transactions and user activities on SAP and non-SAP business applications. The software also enforces compliance policies in a real-time setting ensuring that compliance is met at all points in your company’s process.

Access violations are expensive costing potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, lawsuits, and other financial losses. But more than that, it can cause your consumers to lose confidence in your brand. Whether your industry is insurance or hospitality, medical or banking, you can’t afford to be without end-to-end compliance coverage. AVM reduces the burden of compliance on the organization by automating manual processes currently associated with testing policy controls and risk management behaviors.

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Pathlock risk and regulatory compliance solutions provide an enterprise-wide approach to effectively govern cyber risk, manage regulatory change and quantify the impact of financial and operational risk. Our unique ability to integrate with and correlate data across multiple business applications, coupled with powerful analytics aimed at business users, delivers enterprise visibility of risk exposure and regulatory compliance from a single platform.

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