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U.S. Sugar is an agricultural business that grows and processes sugarcane, citrus, and sweet corn for well-known national brands. The company farms 245,000 acres and is a vital part of rural communities, providing 2,500 jobs. U.S. Sugar was looking for a solution to monitor their separation of duties (SoD) but couldn’t find one that was user-friendly and met all their requirements. That’s what made them decide to go with Pathlock.

Our easy-to-use solution enabled U. S. Sugar to quickly identify SoD violations and implement mitigating controls where remediation was not an option. Since all of this could be done through the solution, our detailed audit reporting function ensured that every step was documented, which, in turn, made audits simpler. Additionally, Pathlock’s cross-application capability also helped in seamlessly bringing applications like PeopleSoft under compliance during an acquisition.

Watch the video to find out how the partnership between U. S. Sugar and Pathlock simplified security and compliance.

To stay competitive in today’s global marketplace, companies are shifting from a single ERP platform to multiple vendors and a mix of cloud and on-premise business applications. As a result, critical processes such as procurement, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and customer relationship management are now distributed across multiple applications. And as the number of connected apps increases, so do the risks.

To address these new and emerging SoD risks, organizations must apply a cross-application view of on-premises and cloud application access management, security, and controls. Pathlock provides pre-set, easily customizable, and dynamic SoD rulesets for the leading business applications. As a result, organizations can leverage a single easy-to-use platform to accurately identify, quickly resolve, and continuously monitor for SoD violations across the entire application ecosystem.

Pathlock automatically surfaces all SoD issues at the time of provisioning, when access is requested, and during access review cycles. In addition, user accounts, permissions, and data across applications are automatically associated and correlated, making SoD management and analysis effortless.

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