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In a landscape filled with rapidly evolving threats, PII and business data in PeopleSoft can be threatened in the blink of an eye. Phishing, brute force attacks, and insider mishandling of data create enormous liability for your organization.

Your most valuable weapon to combat security threats is visibility – and Pathlock can provide the visibility to help quickly detect and respond to security threats before the damage is done. Quickly gain critical insights and execute a remediation plan!

In this webinar, our PeopleSoft security expert, Greg Wendt, will walk through how Pathlock combines granular data access & usage logging and real-time analytics to give you the power to understand exactly what is happening in PeopleSoft.

With Pathlock, you can:

  • Identify data access & usage trends that reflect suspicious activity
  • Enforce least privileged access and remove inherent access risk
  • Be alerted to authentication trends like failed login attempts that can indicate brute force attacks
  • Detect and respond to fraud, theft, and errors by employees and 3rd party users

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