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Auditing E1 Data is an integral part of protecting your ERP from potentially fraudulent activities, data corruption and errors made by staff leading to lengthy support times. JD Edwards provides native technology to audit any table in the E1 database. It is known as 21CFR11 (based on the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations).

Are you continually being asked about who is updating what within your system? You are providing incorrect data based off what is provided in the native JDE tables. Would you like to put some ownership back on the functional area business owners and who in updating that sensitive data?

Join us for a webinar where experts from ERP One and Pathlock discuss their Fraud Detector tool that can set up alerts based on data types within an audited table as well as customize specified data types throughout your ERP.


         Paul Mackinnon                                                  

         Technical Lead                                                         

         ERP One      

         Preston Leftwich                                                  

         Project & Technical Manager                                                         


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