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December 5 – 7, 2023

Pathlock Innovation Series December 2023 Recap

All session recordings from the December 2023 edition of the Pathlock Innovation Series are available on-demand.

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December 2023 Innovation Series Video Recordings

Time for a Revamp: Designing a Framework for the Future of Controls

Revitalize your controls program in the digital age. Dive into expert insights on crafting the perfect modernization strategy, optimizing for quality and cost-effectiveness. Led by Sachin Singh, Cyber Risk Managing Director at Deloitte, we’ll unveil the key components of a forward-thinking controls framework.

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How to De-Risk Your S/4HANA Upgrade Strategy

Join Steve Apel, Director in Enterprise Application Solutions at Protiviti, as he delves into the intricacies of S/4HANA migration at our Pathlock Innovation Series. Drawing from real-world experiences with one of North America’s premier engineering and construction companies, Steve will guide you through strategic decisions and the importance of pre-implementation activities for a seamless transition.

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Roundtable Discussion: How Undetected Application Risk Can Threaten Your Organization’s Compliance and How to Address It

To establish a compliant application landscape, knowing who has access to what and if it’s secure and appropriate is important. Join experts from Pathlock, SAP, and Protiviti for a roundtable on risk-based governance, common drivers and pain points, implementing compliance programs, and the benefits of successful compliance initiatives.

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How MassBay Enhanced their Control & Visibility Over Privileged Sessions in PeopleSoft

Discover how MassBay implemented Privileged Access Management (PAM) to strengthen their PeopleSoft sessions and gain precise monitoring and control over privileged users. Join Dustin Greenfield, Director of Administrative Computing at MassBay, and Greg Wendt, Executive Director of Security Solutions at Pathlock, to learn about innovative features, including dynamic MFA, transaction monitoring, and real-time logging, that helped MassBay bolster their security operations.

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Optimizing Your JD Edwards Security and Licensing Status

Navigating the complexities of ERP licensing and security can be a challenging task. Maintaining licensing conformity and ensuring ERP security can be intricate, but understanding your license position is crucial to shaping the future of your ERP system and achieving your business goals. Join Serge Desloover, a seasoned expert from Quistor, as he reveals the secrets to optimizing your JD Edwards licensing and security status with ease.

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Do More with Less while Reducing Risk! How Automated Workflows Can Revolutionize your PeopleSoft Systems

Transform your PeopleSoft systems with automation from Pathlock! Manual user access processes can be cumbersome, error-prone, and inefficient. Take advantage of insights from Greg Wendt, a leader in security solutions from Pathlock, as he reveals game-changing strategies to elevate your PeopleSoft Access Governance.

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A Holistic Approach to Your IT Security Within SAP

Join security experts Raphael Kelbert and Clemens Guetter from Pathlock as they share strategies to strengthen your SAP systems against growing cyber threats. This session emphasizes the significance of a holistic approach to SAP security, focusing on expert-driven strategies instead of departmental solutions. Learn how to protect your crucial business processes and data against sophisticated attacks aimed at SAP systems.

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Risk Quantification Unveiled: Enhancing Transaction Monitoring for Safer Operations

Dive into the dynamic world of Risk Quantification and Transaction Monitoring with Pathlock’s Susan Stapleton, VP of Customer Advisory, and Kyle Benson, Senior Director of Product Marketing in Cybersecurity. This session will unpack advanced risk assessment tools and monitoring techniques that are vital for financial security. Our experts will provide invaluable strategies to elevate and safeguard your operations, whether you are navigating financial waters, IT security, or compliance.

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Defining, Identifying & Managing System Changes in Oracle Cloud

Discover the essentials of managing system changes in Oracle Cloud with insights from Protiviti experts Garrett Burnell and Ryan Briscoe. Learn to identify and control crucial changes for compliance and effective application management in the evolving landscape of SaaS applications.

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Leveraging Generative Artificial Intelligence for Enhanced Identity and Application Access Risk Management in SAP Environments

Unlock the future of cybersecurity in SAP environments with our webinar on Generative AI, where you’ll discover innovative strategies for enhancing identity and access risk management. Learn from SAP’s Senior Director Chris Radkowski how this cutting-edge AI can transform your access governance processes and fortify your defenses against cyber threats.

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Microsoft Entra + Pathlock: Security, Compliance, and Identity – How to Include Risk Management in your Identity Security Strategy

Discover the paradigm shift in managing application access risks in the digital age. As hacker sophistication grows, traditional security measures fall short. Join experts from Protiviti, Microsoft, and Pathlock as they explain the evolving landscape of access risk and how combining Pathlock and Microsoft Entra can provide the proper foundation for your Application GRC journey.

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How to Enhance your Monitoring Capabilities while Hosting PeopleSoft in the Cloud

Join Graham Smith, Head of PeopleSoft Technology at Version 1, as he discusses Synthetic Monitoring and how it helps you identify and address potential issues in real time. The tool simulates user transactions, offering insights into application performance and service levels. Graham will share his insights on leveraging this tool across cloud or on-premise environments and how it can enhance your system’s performance.

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Achieve Cross-Functional Business Participation in Your Risk Identification and Remediation Processes

Join James Roeske, Co-Founder and CEO of Customer Advisory Group, and Jamie Frame, Partner and COO, as they unlock the power of decentralized risk management in this enlightening session. Together, they’ll delve into how leveraging GRC functionality can transform your organization, moving compliance from a sole IT focus to encompass every business unit. Dive into cutting-edge GRC software features and learn how to foster cross-functional collaboration in compliance activities.

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Pathlock Cloud: The Future of Unified Application Access Lifecycle Management

Join Carrie Curry, VP of Product Management at Pathlock, as she presents an in-depth exploration of the future of Unified Application Access Lifecycle Management. This session will uncover the seamless integration of Application Access Governance and Continuous Controls Monitoring, which is crucial in today’s evolving data breach environment. You will learn how to fine-tune access management, mitigate risks, and master real-time monitoring to elevate your organization’s security and compliance.

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