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Deal with the Insider Threat by Monitoring User Access of Sensitive Data

While the headlines focus on malware, cyber breaches and ransomware, enterprises also must keep track of current and former employees and contractors. This is because the insider threat is the most cited culprit of incidents according to the 2015 PwC Global State of Information Security Survey. And the danger continues to increase as organizations manage more sensitive data in their environments, whether it’s information about customers, employees, vendors, or financial details.

All of this data needs to be monitored and kept secure, but most access management processes focus on who has performed a transaction in the system. For example, the processes keep track of who pays a vendor. While this is critical, it’s also imperative that businesses monitor who has access to and is viewing private data.

Do you have the ability to not only determine who completed a transaction but also monitor when users have viewed sensitive data? Can you report back who those users were? Are you able to uncover what data they viewed, when they viewed it, and how much data they saw?

To minimize the risk of insider threats, companies must look to end to end monitoring solutions which will facilitate both prevention and detection of malicious activity by insiders; all while enabling privileged access management controls for your executives. Find out more by viewing the video below.

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