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Make Access Control Decisions Based on Business Impact

Managing the access that business users have to enterprise applications is a balancing act. Granting too much leaves organizations exposed to higher risk, but granting too little prevents people from doing their jobs and slows business momentum. Organizations need insight into the financial impacts of access risk to make better, more proactive decisions about access control.

Today, organizations are going beyond traditional methods of manual business controls and ad hoc analyses by using integrated technology to automate risk identification and its impacts on the business. Exception-based monitoring controls and centralized functionality for tracking resolution of those exceptions reduce manual control efforts and eliminate false positives.

By enabling enterprise-wide access governance and articulating the bottom-line impacts of access risk on your organization, you can drive business changes when traditional manual controls are insufficient to mitigate the actual financial exposure of access risks.

In order to accomplish this, you need to be able to:

  • Assess the financial exposure of access risk on the business
  • Summarize the bottom-line impact of access risk
  • Enable exception-based access violation monitoring
  • Reduce enterprise-wide access governance costs

SAP® Access Violation Management by Pathlock can help. This solution reduces manual mitigating controls for Segregation of Duties (SoD) and quantifies your financial exposure from identity and access management risk to see the dollar value impact on your business. You are able to centralize your access governance processes and enable exception-based monitoring so you can automate violation identification and review, streamline access-risk processes, and cut governance costs. 

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