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Appsian’s Vice President of Product Strategy & Customer Experience, David Vincent, appears in the latest episode of Brilliance Security Magazine Podcast. The focus of the conversation between David and host Steven Bowcut is automated controls for compliance.

Their wide-ranging conversation also includes the challenges associated with manually maintaining compliance, how automated controls can affect compliance, some leading practices for effective data security & privacy compliance, and more.

Episode Highlights

Organizations still face challenges associated with manually maintaining compliance. David first explained how automated controls can reduce and alleviate the amount of manual effort involved with compliance. Next, David took a deep dive into some of the leading practices that organizations are using to implement and establish effective data security & privacy compliance programs, including:

  • Establish effective security and data privacy policies as part of the compliance program.
  • Centralize your effort to manage Security, Risk & Compliance across all your business application to realize greater efficiency, productivity, transparency, and cost savings.
  • Enable defense-in-depth by maintaining effective control at the three most important levels of an application – Access to application, access to the transactions, and access.
  • Enable policy enforcement and dynamic controls at the access, transaction, and data level with the Attribute-Based Access Control security model.
  • Ensure you have an appropriate balance of effective detective, preventative, responsive, and recovery controls capabilities to manage threats.
  • Constantly understand your compliance risk exposure with a fully automated Continuous Risk Assessment process.
  • Constantly understand your compliance control effectiveness with a fully automated Continuous Control Assessment process that test 100% of your transaction populations 24/7/365.
  • Perform Control Rationalization across all your business applications to reduce redundant controls that lead to excessive costs.
  • Perform Control Optimizations to replace manual controls with automated controls.
  • Enable a common control framework across your business applications for all of your compliance programs to realize greater efficiency and cost savings.
  • Monitor the two most important key performance indicators for risk and compliance: residual risk levels compared to your risk appetite levels to determine if you need to improve the operating effectiveness of your controls
  • Enable effective Vulnerability Management to quickly identify and resolve your vulnerabilities to avoid threats, and
  • Conduct independent assessments of your Risk, Control, and Vulnerability Assessments to continuously improve your capabilities.

Pathlock is helping organizations achieve their audit risks, compliance program objectives. Pathlock provides automated controls for compliance and helps organizations achieve their audit, risks, and compliance program objectives. We provide automation, analytics, and standardization to help organizations improve their efficiency and lower their costs to achieve those objectives.

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