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For most organizations, access certification is a routine exercise. But that does not make it any easier, especially if you are doing it manually. From the moment your review campaign starts, it’s usually a long and tedious process that involves creating spreadsheets that list users and their current roles, mailing these spreadsheets to all the respective supervisors, constant email follow-ups to review, and then manually updating each user’s access. No wonder it takes months to complete a review for a single application. This is where automation can make a huge difference, and here’s how.

5 Ways Automation Enables you to Run Efficient Access Certification Campaigns

Pathlock’s Access Certification module has been designed to automate a large portion of the manual effort that goes into certifying access. It provides both campaign managers and reviewers with the tools they need to run review campaigns effortlessly across multiple applications simultaneously. Below are five features that eliminate the pain of conducting manual access reviews and enhance your compliance.

1. Automated Workflows

Pathlock allows you to design customized workflows that streamline the entire access certification campaign. The automated email workflows, alerts, and time-based escalation rules enable you to efficiently coordinate recertification campaigns. Role owners can be sent reminders with detailed instructions, or follow-up prompts when they do not respond.

2. Usage Insights

Pathlock provides reviewers with detailed usage insights so they can easily determine whether access is necessary. Usage data is shown at the account, role, and entitlement level – including the last date and frequency of role usage shown next to the user being reviewed. This enables reviewers to make informed decisions about approving/revoking existing access.

3. One-Click Access Revocation

If your role owners want to revoke specific access, they no longer need to send a mail to IT. The module enables them to remove specific user access with a single click. The changes are automatically documented as part of the role recertification project, ensuring an easy-to-follow audit trail.

4. Campaign Management & Reporting

Campaign managers can easily keep track of progress with campaign status reports showing which access reviews have taken place and which still need to be completed, and which supervisor is responsible for each review. Reviewers get their own dashboard with guided navigation and alerts for any outstanding campaigns or recertifications they need to complete.

5. Detailed Campaign Segmentation

Not all roles and users are equal where organizational risk is concerned. Pathlock allows you to run segmented recertification campaigns based on various attributes (i.e., role, dept, geo, SoD risks) so that high-risk user groups can be properly controlled with more frequent reviews, while the rest of the low-risk user base is reviewed on an annual basis.

Simplify Your Access Certification with Pathlock

Access certification is a critical security and compliance activity that enables your organization to mitigate access risk and implement the principle of least privilege. Pathlock’s Access Certification module eliminates much of the complexity and manual effort involved to ensure that you can run your campaigns efficiently and productively. Apart from the five features listed above, the solution offers several other features like SOD checks, automated revocation, and more.

Additionally, as a cross-application solution, Pathlock allows you to view the entire landscape of user access to identify access risks and achieve consistent compliance.

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