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Manual Processes are Inefficient and Prone to Human Error

Today, re-certifying user access is a long, labor-intensive process that can be prone to human error. The process becomes more challenging when you consider that access certification projects are typically executed in multiple siloed campaigns for each business application.

Needless to say, the recertification process remains a burden on security administrators and IT staff. Both teams have to work with department supervisors to collect the data required to analyze user activity, ensure each supervisor complies with current certification processes, and then ensure that any change requests are reflected in the system.

All of the above frequently result in the “rubber-stamping” of access rights in-service to simply completing the project. These erroneous processes are one of the most significant sources of inherent risk across an organization.

The Key Benefits of Automated Access Certification

Eliminate Human Error and Delays

Automated access certification campaigns follow a clear and coherent workflow in a centralized portal, covering one to many systems for both campaign managers and supervisors. When reviewing access, enriched data is provided to facilitate good decisions.

Once a supervisor requests an access change, Pathlock automatically makes the updates, eliminating potential gaps where human error may interfere with or delay the recertification process.

Scale Back Complexity

Pathlock’s Access Certification module incorporates historical usage data so that role owners and supervisors can effortlessly identify each role that a user accessed, how much of each role that user actually exercised, and see the delta of access changes from the previous review. This eliminates much of the complexity associated with the access review process and makes it easy for role owners and supervisors to complete their reviews quickly.

Reduce Recertification Time

Automated email workflows, alerts, and time-based escalation rules enable you to efficiently coordinate recertification campaigns. Role owners and supervisors are quickly alerted with detailed instructions or follow-up prompts. Security administrators can quickly identify those supervisors who are attending to their duties and those who need additional help.

Combined, these capabilities reduce the time needed to manage and complete recertification projects.

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With automated access certification from Pathlock, enterprises can reduce their recertification costs by simplifying the process, giving security administrators, role owners, and supervisors the information they need to efficiently complete access reviews and automate audit support. Get a demo today!

“Until last year, we were doing SAP access recertification manually, which was laborious and time-consuming. After implementation, we were able to complete the exercise four times faster in only two weeks. The process is automated, so data owners receive system-generated emails and manage everything online. It has increased productivity, quality, and accuracy and reduced the need for human intervention.”

– Muhammad Jawwad SAP Basis Administrator, Engro Corporation
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