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Pathlock for the Hospitality Industry

Protect your critical business applications, and the data they house, across the globe and in the cloud

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Secure Access Across Your Critical Applications and Data, at All Times

Given the volumes of customer data they manage and maintain, the hospitality industry is a frequent target for cyber-attacks. Failure to protect sensitive customer data as required by data privacy regulations like GDPR, PCI, and CCPA can result in significant fines.

Pathlock ensures that data access is limited to those with the proper roles and functions required to do their job, nothing more.


Grow Your Customer’s Trust in Your Brand

As privacy regulations around customer data continue to evolve, maintaining effective controls over that data is key to maintaining customer trust.

Pathlock can help you mitigate risk and ensure security across your business applications, protecting both customer and company data. Protecting critical business applications, the sensitive data inside them, and the business processes that rely on them is required to create happy, repeat visitors.


Automate Your Data Privacy and Compliance Controls

Do more than just maintain PII, manage its security
Comply with privacy requirements with PII discovery, data masking, and conditional access to personal and sensitive information
Simplify and automate PCI compliance reporting
Know where PCI related information lives in your apps and monitor who has access to that data and how they use it
Automate your GDPR-specific data reporting
Find and protect GDPR protected information and prove compliance with reports of when GDPR data was accessed, and by whom
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Find Out How Pathlock Can Help You Secure Your Business Applications

No matter where you are on the journey to automating your controls, enforcing application security, or ensuring compliance, Pathlock is here to help you. Our audit and security experts have decades of experience working for and with the world’s largest organizations.