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Navigating compliant provisioning using manual processes is a challenging task for most administrators. They spend hours determining if a request for a new role is appropriate or if the request will create unacceptable business risks. Even more time is spent finding, creating, or assigning suitable mitigations if a risk is acceptable and routing and managing requests to the right approvers with the right information in the right order.

Business users spend extensive amounts of time reviewing role catalogs every time they need to request additional access for a user. Additionally, they often end up requesting the wrong role due to a lack of information about the role design and potential conflicts. Once requested, they must wait, often unaware of how long the review process will take and if they need to do something more to get the access their job requires.

Compliant provisioning is an essential pillar in any compliance-focused identity governance strategy. A well-defined provisioning process is key to successfully managing role assignments, governing application access, and mitigating risk, all while providing users with the right access at the right time.

How Pathlock Enables Compliant Provisioning

Pathlock’s automated cross-application user provisioning module offers a comprehensive identity governance framework for reporting and automation. This allows organizations to effectively manage user access across various systems and applications at the fine-grained permissions level while maintaining security and compliance. This saves the valuable time of IT administrators, business process owners, and compliance administrators. 

The Provisioning module automates and simplifies the process of requesting access, helping business end users find the right roles to request the access they need. Customizable workflows facilitate the routing of requests through the proper approval levels based on role sensitivity and risk. These features allow end users, role owners, and access approvers to understand the status of requests, determine if additional information is needed, and approve and remediate or mitigate access requests as necessary in a timely manner.

The customizable and email-enabled workflows create, maintain, and remove access across business applications saving time, effort, and costs. Administrators no longer must spend hours determining if a request for a new role is appropriate or if the request will create unacceptable business risks.

Additionally, admins don’t need to find and assign the right mitigations if a risk is acceptable and then route and manage requests to the right approvers. By providing requestors and approvers with alternative roles that do not create conflict, Pathlock not only saves time but also ensures compliance right at the beginning of the provisioning process. Automated provisioning saves upwards of 90% of the time required to provision manually, enabling end users to track their requests easily, eliminating the back-and-forth follow-up with IT as an intermediary, and ensuring timely, compliant access provisioning.

The Cross-application Advantage

Being a cross-app solution, Pathlock provides a unique ruleset for each application that is also normalized across multiple applications. This offers real-time analysis of segregation of duties and sensitive access so that users, administrators, auditors, and approvers can understand the implications of each request, mitigate or remediate its risks, and ensure compliance before risks are introduced into production environments.

Security and compliance teams also benefit from viewing access risks across applications on a single screen. This baselining of the complete risk landscape across the application environment and an overview of the current compliance posture makes it simpler to generate reports and prioritize steps for remediation where necessary.

Strengthen your Identity Governance with Pathlock

Learn how to effectively manage user access and permissions within and across multiple applications, maintain security and compliance requirements, and save the valuable time of IT administrators, business process owners, and audit/compliance teams. Contact us today for a demo.

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