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DataPrivacyIn the age of digital information, which we certainly are in, it is vital that all medical practices employ suitable best practices and procedures to ensure data privacy. The risk is just too high to ignore these practices. The last thing that your patients should worry about is their health information falling into the hands of those with malicious intent.

HIPAA compliance

One of the most obvious reasons to care about data privacy for patients is HIPAA (Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act) compliance. Proper protections must be put in place to ensure that patient’s personal profiles, health information, and payment information is protected. Not complying with HIPAA regulations regarding patient information security can lead to fines and legal action, so data privacy is vital.

Insurance coverage claims

Most medical practices keep insurance information on file. If this information falls into the hands of hackers, it could mean that individuals will begin to file fraudulent insurance claims for health care. Fraudulent health care insurance claims can backfire on your practice, especially if someone comes into your practice with fraudulent information that could lead to unpaid insurance claims.

Community support and practice profit

You don’t want your practice to become known as one that is digitally insecure. Putting very tight security into place to ensure data privacy is one of the only ways that you can protect your image. The fact of the matter is that your bottom line, your profit, can become impacted if you experience a decrease in patient numbers. Your profit can also be harmed if patients take legal action against your practice because of leaked personal information.  And ultimately, your practice’s reputation is at stake which could force you to close your doors for good.

Making sure that your practice has top-notch data privacy measures in place must be a top priority.  For many practices, it’s the healthcare system they are affiliated with that assists in these security measures.

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